TheEyesOfLight Podcast: Episode 1

Listen now to TheEyesOfLight’s first podcast.

Sometimes typing can take the life out of spontaneous thought. You get the chance to read and re-read what you wrote. Its easy to make edits and adjustments based off of what you think is best for the reader to hear. While there’s nothing wrong with that being spontaneous everyone once and while cant be all bad. For the first time I sat down and in front a computer screen and just talked. This is my first attempt to reach you through a podcast! I am excited to finally reach everyone on on a different level. Although this is my first trial run there is some interesting information you’ll be able to hear!

Listen Hear! –Episode 1

00:30 – Intro

1:12 – About Me

12:40 – Stained Glass Revolution

20:40: Disney’s Arribas Brother’s

22:51: Noah

25:50: Closing

Family Night Out

Noah’s “Family Night”

Show Links

Arribas Brothers:

Joseph Cavalieri:


Noah’s Disney Art:

Disney Stained Glass

Taking a break from the historical side of stained glass, I thought I’d share with you some of my other passions in life.

Disney is something that I have been a huge fan of since I was little. The movies, the parks, the merchandise, if it had that Disney “magic” I was always interested. What I love about Disney is all the little extras they provide. Weather its special moments in the park, finding hidden mickeys, or just a good moral value family movie to cleanse the pallet in the action packed world we live in.

So I thought I’d post some images of Disney’s very owned stained glass pieces in the Disney Castle.  Enjoy!


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