The Chair Of Saint Peter: Thoughts

For this section there’s no real facts or figures here.  This is just me and what I interpreted from taking the time to appreciate Giovanni’s work of art on my own.

What interested me most about Giovanni work wasn’t the window, or the sculptures, or the chair, but how they all worked together.  Giovanni was an architect and sculpture at heart.  The craftsmanship throughout the sculptures around the chair and window are stunning.  He also understood the power of  light and how its relationship with stained glass could provide beauty to the viewer unobtainable in other mediums.


Giovanni’s work shows that all aspects of your design are important.   Where the artwork is, what colors flow throughout and surround the piece, where light comes from and the dramatic effects it can provide.  These are just a few issues taken in consideration when creating a masterpiece like The Chair Of Saint Peter.

I feel so many designers fail to take into account their complete surroundings. While there are designers that truly consider everything when designing, some others think more in terms of dollar and cents then creating a true work of art.  I truly feel as a designer, an artist, and a craftsman, the more information you have at you disposal regarding your work the better you can make it.  What happened to having passion for what you do; what you create?  I think this concept can flow into anyone’s everyday life.  In life so many of us perform our daily routine and only go as far as what we feel were compensated for.  The phrase “working for the weekend” comes to mind.  What about “working for the week?”  Why can’t we really push to go that extra mile, whether it be submitting a solid, neatly organized earnings report, or installing a newly built intricate stained glass window.  Where is that drive for perfection, for clarity, for consistency?

On a personal level people tend to wonder if the level of detail they commit to is worth it in their own lives.  We have all been there.  Something like this probably has gone through your mind at one point or another, “Well I’ve put this enormous amount of effort in for so long but I bet I can get away with….”  Over time people loose faith.  They wonder if committing to all aspects of what they do in their lives are worth the stress, time and money.  Sadly its so much easier to take the road most traveled.

Through Giovanni’s commitment to harnessing his skills with sculptures, his ability to create as an artist, and using his knowledge as an architect to bring it all together really spoke to me.  While it speaks to me outside of the normal artistic interpretation, that I feel, is what is so wonderful.  Art is subjective.  There is no right or wrong answer.

The immersion of art; the idea of fully committing to all aspects of what you do and how your product is presented, in regular every day life and through art, is a concept that is very close to my heart.  Viewing Giovanni’s artwork provided and immersive experience for me.  Immersion is not something that is easily obtainable and no issues can be overlooked. Since this issue is so important to art, and even everyday life, I want to take a closer look into the commitment of immersion in the near future.  There is one company that I feel does this better than any other.   As the blog grows I will be discussing Disney and how they relate to this idea.  An Idea they have executed so well over the years and how recently these qualities seem to have started to fade.

A strong understanding of immersion and what it takes to achieve it will bring any person, any designer, a stronger reputation and more success.