A Stained Glass Revolution

As a kid, I spent a lot of time with my mom at work while she worked in various churches as a music minister all over the state. For years, I would go and listen to my mom play and sing beautiful music. As much as I loved hearing my mom sing, it also meant as a kid I had a lot of free time on my hands while I waited for my mom to finish working. Before I ever got my hands on a Game Boy I had to use my imagination and my environment to keep myself busy. For years I stared at these big windows of color wondering how they got there, how old they were and how they were built. I was fascinated with how light manipulated the images. One day the windows would be full of life and the next day they would appear dreary and colorless. I remember thinking to myself how neat it would be to make some of my own big, colorful windows.

Years later my dream became a reality. For the last several years I have been heavily invested in the world of stained glass. I have worked through many of the techniques and skills available in the craft. I have also worked on many styles of windows – from simple geometric diamond lights to robust historical windows in religious and non-religious buildings around the tri-state area.

Christ and the Apostles
A beautiful Tiffany window built in 1890.

Traditional religious and non-religious windows are beautiful and inspiring. Residential environmental, geometric, or seascape scenes can also be a wonderful addition to a home. However, these styles have been around for years. While I’m sure they will never completely go out of style, these traditional approaches lack interest from the everyday Joe. It is true that contemporary/modern stained glass artwork appeals to some people with “refined” art pallets, but for most it is just another piece of art with weird lines and shapes.

Most people see these works of art and talk about how beautiful they are, yet many still dream of having these types of art work in their homes. They will settled for cheap machine made pieces of “art”  in their doors and windows, or overpay for a sun catcher that lacks quality in its design and fabrication. They believe the artwork seen in these buildings are unobtainable- a dying art.

What if wasn’t unobtainable? What if the everyday Joe could obtain some of the jaw dropping works of art you see in religious buildings and various other places across the world? What if you could own replicas of your favorite paintings or other styles of art work, and see them in an art medium that you’ve never seen them before? What if you could take modern day interest and twist them with traditional styling of stained glass to produce a new revolution of artwork people could have in their homes? What if you could view this anywhere in your home without being restricted to windows or sunlight? What if you could use multiple senses to immerse your viewing experience – to tell a story?

Stained glass is the lens of light. It gives light a way to speak to you and I – to represent your greatest passions in a way you’ve never seen before. Stay with me as I look into starting a stained glass revolution. Learn more about past traditions, guidelines, techniques, and sample demonstrations. Let’s take that traditional understanding with what you love and twist it into a modern day masterpiece. It will be possible to appreciate art in a whole new way, where your desired artwork will become the eyes of light.


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